Random Adventure #1

Dungeon Title: Random Adventure #1
V 1.0 Last update 28 Sept 16.

Before we get too far.  Yes this adventure needs a proper name, but is the first in a series of adventures that utilize a bunch of random tables to generate.  It also need maps.  I'll correct that as soon as I figure out a way that I like the look of.

A fantasy adventure.

For levels 4-5.  This is due primarily to the presence of a succubus.  Without that battle the adventure could be completed by a 1st level party with some smarts and good luck.
This adventure was designed using random tables as much as possible.  Starting with the idea of a tavern, a dungeon, and some treasure it went from there, with me filling in story to connect the randomness.  As a result I provide background on several of the people and locations that will not and should not be explained to the players.  The information is provided for Dungeon Masters (Mistresses?) to have enough information to paint a full picture in their mind for those eventual twists that players throw at you that I didn’t anticipate answering. For the players though this is a wizard’s tower, if anything it should be odd, and terrible.  There will be things that the players just don’t “get” and that is ok.  There will be treasures that aren’t found, that is Ok.  Since this is the wizard’s inner sanctum it is a place of both study and exploration.  It is recommended that if you add additional treasure that is not part of a story hook for a future adventure, that it comes from random tables as there is very little rhyme or reason to what has piqued a wizard’s interest for whatever reason.    The majority of this adventure will consist of exploration, and will largely depend on how the players choose to interact with the various NPCs in the villa and what arrangements they can agree upon.  The adventure is designed to be system neutral, but will generally refer to Dungeons and Dragons style rules.   

Background.  Foriosphere of the Owl’s Bridge was a very old and powerful wizard.  At one time she had aspirations for power.  Both dominion over the mortal world around her, and power through the reaches of time and space.  To this end she had established her base of power and studied, and plotted.  What she did not expect was to achieve enlightenment.  She achieved an understanding of the universe that transcended that of mortal men, and dipped into the realm of the gods.  Her previous ambitions she realized were petty, beneath notice even.  And turned herself toward reflection and contemplation, no longer interested in the material things that had occupied her attention for so much of her life.  Old enemies don’t go away though.  With her attention on things so far beyond the realm of reality and her defenses lowered, one of them found an opportunity to destroy her.  She has been dead now for almost a week.  The town below knows that she is gone, but is in fear, for with her passing what horrors have been released?
The hook:  You know you’re players best and the way to get them to adventure.  If you’re strapped for ideas though: Foriosphere’s apprentice has been sending out both magical and non-magical requests for help.  Or the party could also be hired as guards for a caravan transporting supplies to the town.  Or the adventurers could just walk into town on their way somewhere else, of course then any of the village people can inform them of the wizard’s passing. 
Surrounding lands.                                                                                                                                                         
The town of Ransweiler                                                                                                                                                               
The Villa of Foriosphere                                                                                                                                               
                Main Wing                                                                                                                                                         
                East Wing                                                                                                                                                           
                West Wing                                                                                                                                                         
                Dungeon 1st Level                                                                                                                                           
                Dungeon 2nd Level                                                                                                                                          
                Dungeon 3rd Level                                                                                                                                          
                Dungeon 4th Level                                                                                                                                           
Foriosphere of the Owl’s Bridge
The Overseer of Craft
The Chief Linener
The Apprentice
The Champion
The headless men
The Deamons

Surrounding lands.
This adventure takes place nestled in the grazing lands of the Bison men (or other generally inhospitable group).  They are a xenophobic group that despises foreigners.  They are afraid of Foriosphere and avoid her villa, as well as the nearby town, viewing them as places of taboo.  They believe the wizard and the town as a cruel and decadent place of amoral license.  They will not bother anyone who stays to the road through their land, but will attack anyone who leaves the path.  They haven’t noticed that anything has changed and still assume that both the tower and the town are occupied and powerful.  The town sits on the outside of a dark thick forest.  The forest is filled with a brown mold that causes a bronchitis like illness if in its presence for 48 hours.  A single path leads through the forest to the villa which sits next to a cliff face overlooking a large body water (huge lake or ocean, at least big enough for ship travel).

The town of Ransweiler
When Foriosphere first came to these lands her workforce consisted of a small army of Dwarves and halflings.  After constructing her villa and dungeon she had them all slaughtered to keep her secrets.  The Halflings were buried and the dwarves were kept (see Dungeon level 1).  That unmarked burial site was later colonized as Ransweiler as the Villa brought the opportunity for business.  The town served as the housing for the staff of the Villa and business grew up to support that.  It has become a very profitable place despite few natural resources because the combination of distance from other settlements and the power of the Wizard leave the town free from governmental influence.  No taxes is always a very big incentive.  Now very few directly work at the villa (the staff having been slowly reduced and not replaced over the past few decades), the majority of the town view the villa with a mix of emotions.  They fear the wizard for her power, and stories of horror, but they love the protection and autonomy that being in the villa’s shadow provides.  They view the death as an impending disaster, but hold faith that the wizard isn’t permanently dead and will return somehow.  Law enforcement is very laissez-faire with policing being only done on issues being brought directly before the mayor and enforced by the town’s sheriff and his one deputy.  As long as something doesn’t affect someone else it is tolerated.  Unofficial power lies with those employed by the Villa as the threat of bringing Foriosphere’s personal attention to an issue is the greatest threat possible (though very few staff actually would dare to address her, let along make good on the threat).   The townspeople have taken to warding themselves from her magic by carefully tending a certain variety of green mold that they grow on the sides of their buildings and have grown on their clothes in decorative patterns.   In reality, magical experiments have caused the excessive growth of both a green mold and a brown mold.  The brown mold is slightly toxic and will cause illness if inhaled for a long time (2 days+), the two molds grow exclusively however, so by raising the green mold, the townspeople keep the brown mold at bay in the forest. 

The inn: Scorned Crow
Every inn has a shadowy character in the corner.  This town’s shadowy character is Nigel.  Nigel is really just weirded out on black Lotus and is full of unsubstantiated rumors and conspiracy theories.  He can also hook you up with a couple of grams of the stuff if you’re hip.
The bartender’s pet ferret has gone missing recently and he is very distraught about it.

The Villa of Foriosphere:
                The villa sits on an overlook to the water.  It is composed of three squat buildings with roof terraces, connected by walkway bridges.  The villa’s exterior are covered in small deep purple and blue tiles making up a mosaic of spirals and vortexes.  The effect is ruined however by the growth of green mold about 2/3s of the way up the side of each building.  There are several doors to the various buildings all of which are uncomfortably low and narrow to anyone but a halfing or smaller.  Only one window is present in the entire complex (on the East Wing), each of the buildings have large skylights in the roof however.  Each room with a skylight (unless stated otherwise) has two small half bowls affixed to a wall one above the other. In one dish sits a wooden marble.  When the marble (or any other object) is in the upper dish the skylight will show daytime (each time is selected to provide good lighting to the room without having the sun directly overhead), when the marble is removed the skylight shows the nightsky.  The lower dish has no properties and is just a holding place for the marble. 
Grounds.  The front of the villa is decorated with grand opulence.  The path leading to the villa opens to a grand round-about for carriages.  A large bronze statue (with no tarnish) of a beautiful woman (Foriosphere) dressed in a draping toga exposing one of her breasts stands in the center of the round-about.  Several smaller marble statues of toga wearing men and women circle the round-about.  Leading down from the roof of the main building two grand staircases curve down framing the double door in the center.  In the courtyard between the man building is a large basin of pure clean water.  The grounds have a lawn of clover that surrounds the villa for 2 yards before the forest starts.  Creatures from the forest do not enter the manicured grounds of the villa.  The villa’s grounds are the home of an immaterial predator at night.  It feeds of the pure virtue of virginity.  There is a 1 in 4 chance that the creature attacks when a virgin is on the grounds at night.  If attacked, the person senses a loss, but can’t quite place it and just isn’t a virgin anymore.  Sorry, loose the status without the sex.  Vows of chastity are broken, the person is no longer good as a virgin sacrifices, etc.                                  
All the buildings have a roof just over 6 feet tall.  Most characters will be able to walk through the building but have a feeling of unease because their head is almost scraping the ceiling.  This does impede combat and all attacks with slashing or bludgeoning weapons for anyone over 4 foot tall are at a -2 penalty since all overhand attacks end up hitting the ceiling first.  

                Main Wing.  The decor is all of the finest material, rich silks and velvets, teak and redwood, gold, silver, and orichalcum metalwork etc.  The wood of the walls is expertly carved with images of nature and Foriosphere.  The main wing consists of four rooms: 
Entryway/ foyer.  This room is notably taller than others in the villa with a ceiling 10 feet high.  This is where immediate business was handled, messages received or dispatched etc. and it was meant to impress and intimidate.   Any business taking less than 20 minutes it was handled here by the staff.  There is no skylight in this room. A stairway leads to the roof on the east side.  A pair of grand doors to the north lead to the dining room, the heads of ferocious animals are carved over the doorway and look  down on anyone in the foyer like prey. A door with the design of a beehive opens to the west to the clerks office.
Clerks office.   A clerk’s office which houses a seat for a guard, a clerks table and bookshelf for records.  A second table and several more chairs are here for any business with guests that would take over 20 minutes.  The furniture is very old, but solid and of very good quality.  The skylight permanently shows day.  A search of the bookshelf’s records will contain invoices, etc.  One in particular stands out as it is an invoice for 3000gp for an ebony rod with gold endcaps with very specific instructions regarding its construction.
Formal dining room.  A large table that can seat 10 sits here.  The skylight “day” shows twilight, if switched, the nightsky shows the starts of Summer solstice 74 years ago.   A pair of glass double doors on the north lookout over the courtyard (always showing true time), a door on the east leads to a short passageway passing underneath the stairs and connecting to the ballroom.  
Ballroom.   The room contains a small raised stage for an orchestra, with chairs and music stands.  The floor is a latticework of ebonywood and white ash. The skylight night sky shows March 7th 21 years ago.

East Wing.  The east wing consists of the living quarters. The decor here is mixed.  The majority of the building is plain though several rooms are furnished in vast opulence both in architecture as well as furnishings and decorations, the opulent rooms are be cluttered with art, fine rugs, etc. in contrast to the plain practicality of other rooms.  There is no middle ground in their design.  A (P) will preface plain rooms a (O) will preface opulent rooms.  Any opulent room will easily contain 1000 gp+ worth of art, but most of this should be extremely large, heavy or fragile.  Foriosphere went though a brief stage of aestheticism upon being enlightened and started to distain the luxury items she had acquired.  This was later followed by complete detachment from physical things and she didn’t care if something was “nice or not” just that it was.  
(P) Foriosphere’s quarters.  The room consists of a single bed, a desk vanity with a water dish filled with pure water with a hibiscus flower floating in it, a chair, and a single wardrobe with three dresses. Foriosphere’s corpse has been placed in the bed.  A knife wound in her abdomen has been packed with cloth.  All the dresses are of a very fine make.  One is a large poofy hoop dress with plunging neckline made of iridescent green with deep purple accents (hoops and bustle are stored at the bottom of the wardrobe), another is a kirtle with a deep blue top and a red plaid dress.  The third is a sleek black cocktail dress of modern cut (will be assumed to be odd underwear by pretty much anyone).  A white robe of silk with a grid pattern of red threads stained in blood lies on the floor.  The room is otherwise barren, with no art or rugs.  Though there is evidence that other furniture used to be in this room, and a larger bed was here. The skylight of the room shows the night sky of December 28, 1000 years ago.  
(O) The Kitchen and pantry.  Unlike the rest of the house the kitchen pieces are intricate works of art as well as being practical.  A large double stove with ovens dominates the room, butcher knives and other cutlery are crafted for beauty as much as practicality (all are considered masterwork).  A great chandelier illuminates the room.  There is a pump with the handle crafted to look like a bird and a spigot looking like a frog within the kitchen that pumps clean well water into a trough sculpted to look like a lily flower.  The pantry is full of the richest and finest foods, the spice rack contains many exotic and rare spices (valued at 500 gp).  The skylight shows day, if switched to nighttime it shows a cloudy night with no stars.
(P) A private dining area.  The dining room contains a plain pantry filled with fine china (in excess of 1500 gp, but breaks with the slightest mishandling, did the party bring packing straw and crates?).  Full silver cutlery sets for 4 (250 sp) A small table that would at best seat 4 but has only two chairs.  The skylight shows day, if switched to nighttime it shows a night 400 years ago, when the full moon appeared very large in the sky.
(L) A bathroom.  A Giant low and wide copper cauldron placed upon the back of a jade turtle dominates the center of the room.  Two hand pumps shaped like angels can be used to pump hot water into the cauldron.  In one corner of the room is a steam room, and the other a sauna.  The wood of these rooms is carved withy images of dancing naiads and vineyards. A pedestal of ice flakes sits in the room between the steam room and sauna.  The interior of the room is tiled with a mosaic that depicts the ocean depths with giant horrible sea monsters with many eyes and fangs.  Only at the very top of the room do familiar ocean life like wales appear, and they appear tiny compared to the other creatures.   The skylight shows March 30th of this year.
(L) A guest bedroom.  This room is decorated is scarlets and golds.  A wardrobe and vanity are in the room as well as a large couch and coffee table.  On the coffee table sits a gold and ivory music box with miniature statues of dancing nymphs and sprites.  The music box can play any song (and will do so beautifully), if activated without a specific song in mind it plays a unique composition that will be beautiful to the listener.  The box’s music will also grab the attention of any farie folk within a mile who will attempt to find the music’s source as long as it plays.  A mural across the celling depicts a beautiful woman (Foriosphere) half dressed, bathed in blood striding through a lush green garden filled with white marble statues of elves and humans in poses of terror and agony. This room has no skylight, and is lit instead with small white stones with light permanently cast on them kept behind smoked glass.
(L) The guards barracks. This room contains 4 armor racks and 4 large buckets carved of ivory with depictions of battles carved on their face.  Gold framed mirrors cover the walls reflecting images into eternity.  The one space not covered by mirrors there are three hooks.  On one hook hags a golden circlet.  On the other two hang silver circlets.  If the gold circlet and at least one silver circlet is worn at the same time the wearer of the silver circlet is transformed into an ooze with complete loyalty to the wearer of the golden circlet (if an ooze wears the silver circlet it is still an ooze, but it is loyal to the wearer of the golden circlet).  On the floor are two levers.  The lever on the left changes the view in the skylight between the saved date and the current time.  The level on the right resets the saved date of the skylight with the current time date.  The skylight shows the currently saved time of the night sky of 5 January, 20 years ago.  The saving of the date was used as part of the ritual marking the last creation of ooze men guards.
(L) Reading room.  Every wall of this room contains a bookshelf except for the section with a reading nook.  The books are of a variety of languages and topics both for reading pleasure and study.  There are several empty gaps in the bookshelves.  There are no books in this library that address medicine, botany, astrology, biology.  A reading nook has the only window in the building which perpetually shows 11:35 pm on May 20th when the light is at the perfect brightness and angle for reading and provides just a hint of comforting warmth through the glass.   
(L) Linen and laundry.   A great vat for washing linen boils and bubbles in this room.  Wardrobes filled with linen and lace are on the wall, along with a loom, yarn and thread supplies, tailors dummies, and a half finished dress.  The skylight shows day, July 7th 100 years ago.
(L) Observatory.   This room has a dome rising up it making the ceiling much higher.  On a large turntable sits a huge brass telescope that looks out through the dome.  Two pedestals are mounted on either side of the telescope’s eyepiece.  One contains a large book with scribblings and writing notes regarding astrological observations, an inkpot and quill.  The other contains a large book that is bound with iron and chained to the podium.   This magical book with no title grants +1 to the effective caster level for spells and makes the user undetectable by divination spells for a time equal to two times the time it is studied.

West Wing.  All rooms in the West wind have fine engravings along the walls of vistas of sea and space.  Regularly depicted on columns and molding are images of Foriosphere.   Every room is flooded with 1 foot of water.  This entire wing was kept pristinely organized and clean until very recent events flooded it.
                Garden.  The garden is filled with high vine-like plants that climb on trestles that reach up to the sky.  Many of these are in blossom with over large fragrant blooms.  The flowers very slowly move (at a speed that is noticeable when someone has left the room for a time and returned).  Someone with advanced astrological knowledge can realize that the movement of the largest bulbs mirrors those of the stars in the sky and the smaller flowers rotate those bulbs as would planets and moons. A carefully maintained path of gravel makes a design of two wavy semicircles emanating from the center.  At the center of the garden grows a gigantic plant with three pods the size of a large sow. Two of the pods are closed, one of the pods is split open, the inside is empty except for dried orange residue.  It appears a fourth pod was once there but has been cut off.  Stacked just inside the door to the adjoining room are several neat stacks of books piled waist high.
                Library.  This library is overflowing with books.  The shelves are full and there are more neat piles of books everywhere: on the floor, on the chair, blocking the door open and spilling out into the adjoining rooms (the garden and the workshop).  The books are of many esoteric, arcane, and scientific topics.  In addition there are several journals written that reference the various books, but the writing is an obscure collection of jargon, half thoughts, and code.  In addition to books there are several specimen jars in the library, all of which are unlabeled, and should generally look like plant or anatomical subjects.  If players persist in identifying them some items are: a dainty dissected forearm and hand of a nymph, the reproductive system of an elf, the internal organs of a niad, and myconid eyes.  In addition there are three hearts in specimen jars, and several jars of similar size that used to contain hearts but now only contain liquid chemical.  A few random books have been scattered around the room contrasting the otherwise neat (if overfull) layout.
Craftroom:  Here there are three workspaces.  On one lies the autopsied remains of a dryad, still open, with several internal pieces removed and specimen jars with fluid sitting on a shelf nearby.  Books from the library are nearby, open to various images of anatomy or alchemical lore. A woodworking bench with tools neatly hung, a couple partially complete wooden cubes with metal binding sit on top of the workbench.  The third is a small forge and anvil with tools, there is a small table with jeweler’s tools as well.  The freshly dead body of a slightly overweight, bald human in grey robes with knotwork embroidered on them is laying face down in the water dead from drowning.  Upon any closer inspection they will find that the robes are his skin.
The cube:  This room’s walls and floor are inlayed with thin copper wires that run in geometric patterns throughout the room.  In the center of the room is a 6’x6’x6’ cube made out of a single piece of granite.  The cube is bound in silver and iron, and etched in copper with arcane symbols. One side has a door that is heavily re-enforced and has three very complicated locks (in fact magical) and a large cross beam to lock the door from the outside.  The locks are open and the door is slightly ajar.  On the floor of the rooms lies an ebony rod with gold endcaps (grants +1 to all saves when held in the left hand).  If the door is shut the locks will activate and seal the cube.  The cube may be unlocked only by touching the rod to each of the locks.  If opened, behind the door is a curtain of white silk with a red grid similar to the robe in F.  Any being who enters past the silk is transported to a realm of pure knowledge and magic.  Where their mind leaves their body and is bathed in astral truths. 

Entering the cube has the following effects:
If entered without wearing the white and red robe from Foriosphere’s bedroom, make a save vs. parilyzation.  If unsuccessful all non-biological* items worn/carried become permanently melded to the character.  The character will appear exactly the same as they did when they entered. Protection from armor is still retained, but items held in hands are permanently held being fused with the hand, items hanging on belts, in scabbards can no longer be removed (as the item and holder are now one with the character).  Any magical items lose their properties, but the character gains them as an at will ability, any items with charges become a 1/per day ability.    Additional complications may present themselves as some biological functions may be removed.  This transformation is not a curse, and cannot be removed, it is their new natural state of being and any magical healing will return them to this state.
*biological items are anything in their natural state, an animal or plant living or dead.  Non- biological items are things that have been treated: Leather, metal, cloth etc.      
If entered without the rod of ebony (on the floor of the room) make a save vs. breath character’s mind does not return to their body, and after 1 hour the body will stumble out of the cube a mindless shell.  The mind/spirit of the character permanently resides in the realm of space/time in a state of pure knowledge.
If entered without a heart of a sentient being the character must make a saving throw vs. magic (or other relevant mental save).  If successful the character permanently gain 1 intelligence modifier, 1 wisdom modifier form expanded consciousness and permanently lose 1 charisma modifier as you disconnect from social concepts.
If unsuccessful the character’s mental attributes are tripled as their mind fills with pure knowledge and truth, and their charisma drops to 3 as they lose all understanding of social constructs and interpersonal relations.  In addition a wave of pure magic exits the cube and is immediately transformed when it enters our reality.  There is enough “volume” of the element to fill the room.  Roll for its form: 1 Water, 2 Earth, 3, fire, 4 air, 5 electricity, 6 fire, 7 time (roll d6 1-3:  time in the room accelerates 1d100 years, 4-6 time decelerates d100 years), 8 radiation.  
If the cube is entered with all three items, the character gains one level, and can received the answer to any three questions (either in character or out of character) that must be asked while in the cube.
While unlocked the cube slowly radiates magical flux into the world.  This flux has already opened a small tear in reality in the 4th level of the dungeon below the villa.  If left open the tear will continue to open.  After a month of being open additional tears to other dimensions will start to open. 


                Dungeon 1st Level.  This level is a workshop forge manned by undead dwarves that mass produces weapons and armor. 20 skeletal dwarves are actively smithing weapons and armor, 5 guard the entrance to level 2.  The skeletons will not attack unless they are attack or instructed to by the overseer.  If the overseer is present all skeletons gain a +1 attack and damage bonus.  If the overseer is present and not personally in combat the skeletons will attack with perfect coordination and advanced tactics.  
                Dungeon 2nd Level.  Level 2 of the dungeon is a natural cave, with iron deposits being mined by 10 skeletal dwarves (all now destroyed)   The dungeon level is abnormally hot and uncomfortable (treat all encumbrance levels as one higher) One nook contains the apprentice’s chambers (currently abandoned).  One pathway leads to level 3 and another connects to level 4. The headless men destroyed the skeletons and now two groups of 2d6 headless men are roaming the area.  
                Apprentices Room:  The apprentice’s room contains basic room furnishings a single bookshelf, with a few personal books, and a few from the library.  There is an alchemical bench with 200gp worth of magical components as well.   
                Dungeon 3rd Level.  The dungeon level is abnormally hot and uncomfortable (treat all encumbrance levels as one higher). A large storage area of mined out iron veins.  Headless men were kept in stasis until being released by Foriosphere’s death.  The room is now empty
                Dungeon 4th Level Shipping point, great underground lake, and fissure to the land underneath.
                Dock:  A small ship is docked here ½ full of weapons made by the dwarves on level 1.  The ship is manned by a skeleton crew (literally).  When full it takes the weapons to a market where human employees of Foriosphere pose as crew as sell the weapons.    
                Underground lake.  A black sand beach surrounds the deep lake that opens up to the water outside.  The lake is occupied by giant jellyfish.  While the Jellyfish normally prey on fish in the lake.  They are aggressive and will breach the water to attack any creatures on the beach. 
                Tear in reality.  Far in the cave from the dock, a tear hovering 4 feet in the air opens to a realm of pain and debauchery.  Right now humanoid sized creatures can squeeze through the tear, but over time it will continue to grow and larger creatures can pass through.  Hestia and her followers have come through the portal, others will eventually follow unless the portal can be closed/destroyed.  As the players enter the dungeon Hestia and 4 of her followers are exiting the tear to explore this new realm.

Personas Dramatis 

Foriosphere of the Owl’s Bridge: Foriosphere was an ambitious and ruthless wizard.  She had already accumulated much wealth and power before she constructed her personal base of power.  She carved out her domain with blood and necromancy, and no one other than those she lured with promises of power or wealth came to her.  She was incredibly vain and had many works of art continuously commissioned of her person.  She was possessed of incredible youth and beauty making it impossible to determine when pieces were commissioned or how old she really was.  An incident prior to building her home left her permanently changed however.  Her eyes and skin were changed to those of a snake and her bones become mutable allowing her to squeeze through nearly any space.  Despite this change she was still beautiful with a slender build, a handsome face, and wild hair kept up with jeweled hairpins.  She always wore the most immaculate finery and spared no expense on her appearance.  She sought after true immortality and more knowledge and power in her domain.  During the course of these studies she was successful, not in the way she expected though.  She started to transcended her own vanity and vices and slowly started to eschew material things.  In an exponential acceleration of success she expanded her mind, abandoned her quest for immortality, and became at peace with the universe throughout time and space, having no ambition, but instead pure clarity.  For days she merely existed in her domain until she was murdered by an old rival.  Her rival, Othios the Bald, had snuck into town polymorpherd as a ferret that had been sold to the tavern keeper.  He observed the town and the keep from hiding for several months.  When he saw an opening in Foriosphere’s defenses he struck, sneaking into her residence.  Upon finding her completely passive, he murdered her in cold blood.  He then started to loot her residence only to die after entering the cube without the appropriate items, stumbling through the rooms an idiot and drowning in the craftroom.   

Derek, The Overseer of Craft: 0- level human: A willowy old man with scars on his back from time as a slave and a sagging face with puffy full lips and bloodshot eyes.  The overseer of the undead smiths on the 1st level.  He speaks a unique language that lets him fully communicate with and understand the undead minions he manages, but cannot speak any common tongue (though he does understand common).  As a result he can give complex and multiple commands to the undead that will be followed to include any intended nuance.  Only Foriosphere and her apprentice can speak this language besides Derek. the the spell speak with undead can give a basic understanding of what he is saying.  Seeing no reason to stop work after Foriosphere’s death, his plan is to continue to make and sell the weapons from the forges and keep the profits for himself. 

Mary: 0-level human. Mary is a stocky olive skinned woman with a permanent scowl on her face.  She is in charge of the cleaning staff and personally sees to the washing, folding and arrangement of the households linens.  Despite being blind she performs her job perfectly, knowing every inch of the East wing and Main wing by heart.  Having no family or other prospects, she is digging in and continuing her job despite the chaos and plans of others around her.  She is taking it one day at a time.
Sevenine of the Owl’s.  1 – level magic user.  Foriosphere’s Apprentice, she is a slim woman with smokey-brown skin, close cropped hair and bloodshot eyes from the long nights of works and study. She has been Foriosphere’s apprentice for nearly 5 years, and has mostly been given only menial tasks and minimal instruction despite Foriosophere initiating her into her order.  She lives in a room on the 2nd level of the dungeon.  She normally wears just her underwear, a one piece combination chemise and bloomers, as her dress or robes aren’t practical due to the heat and the cramped quarters of the dungeon tunnels.  She is very worried about what has occurred on the 3rd and 4th levels of the dungeon and has retreated up to the 1st level to try to hold back any further encroachment.  She has been sending out messages for aid of others, but is grasping at straws as she doesn’t really know anybody. 
Spells known: hypnotize, find familiar, feather fall.

Gwen.  1 – level thief.  A 6 year old girl with spindly legs, sallow skin, and white eyes like a blind person (but can see fine.)  Gwen is the rebirth of a great champion from long ago.  She can’t quite recall though. She has the general knowledge, and mental capacity of a full grown adult, but no memories (or muscle memories from skills).  She is the product of a failed experiment, six months ago she was birthed from the (now open) pod in the garden.  She has decided to make the villa her permanent residence and is planning on being its master after she has dealt with the issue in the dungeon.  She currently lives in the guest quarters in the east wing.

Guards.  +2 attack, 16 hp.  (gives exp as a 4HD monster) 1d6 damage attack or 1d8 with sword.  Breastplate and helm.  Special powers:  They emit a sulfurous gas.  They can be smelled within 250’, when the are within 50’ any open flame begins to burn blue wit the tip of the flame sparking.  If an open flame gets within 10’ then the air around the guard explodes causing 6d10 damage to everything within a 10’ radius, 3d10 damage from 10’ to 30’ radius, and 1d10 damage from 30’ to 50’ radius (save vs. breath for ½ damage).   The guard’s form is utterly obliterated with the explosion, spraying bits of the guard everywhere (and the armor and helmet like shrapnel) within a 50’ radius of the explosion.  The guard loses no hit points in the explosion, but must spend 3d6+3 rounds reforming itself.  They take double damage from psionic attacks.  

4 pale yellow transparent oozes in the shape of men with smooth muscled skin.  They are normal human intelligence and fanatically loyal Foriosphere.  In her absence they listen to the apprentice and then the household staff.  Their chief concern is guarding the villa.  One is stationed at the clerks office, two do a roaming patrol across the grounds, and one patrols the west wing attacking anyone except Foriosphere or her apprentice (or anyone with them).    

The headless men.  As unarmored human, +1 to attack, 2d6+3 damage (greatsword with strength bonus) A 6’ man’s body with no head and a body builder physique. They have no armor or clothing, and will attack the nearest thing with reckless abandon.  These have been grown from Foriosphere’s garden and kept in stasis for future military use.  The magic sustaining the stasis field was broken upon Foriosphere’s death.

3 Giant Jellyfish.  90hp AC as unarmored, # of attacks: 4, tentacles 1d6+poison (in water), or 1 breach.  Immune to bludgeoning weapons. Poison: Save vs. paralysis.  If successful, 1 con damage (recovered in 1 hour), if failed paralyzed for 1 hour.   Breach:  If someone is within 10 feet of the water, the jellyfish launches itself out of the water onto land to cover its victim.  Save vs. breath.  If failed the character is covered and automatically paralyzed.  The jellyfish then slowly drags the victim into the water to digest returning to the water takes 1d4 rounds.

The Deamons
Hestia- Powers and stats as succubus.  She has retractable spikes in her abdomen that can strike within 1 foot (as a bonus attack).  If successful they heal her for ½ the damage done.  She takes double damage from fire attacks. Hestia has hidden herself from the headless men by hiding in the apprentices room.
Hestia’s followers- as unarmored human (worth 2x xp as human).  They can manipulate gravity within 5’ of themselves allowing them to jump incredible distances or walk on any surface.  In combat, if they affect the gravity of their opponent, treat opponent as prone for the combat.   These are women with flower wreaths in their hair and the lower body of a hound.  Each carries a wine skin and is prone to revelry.  As a result they can always be snuck up upon or distracted as they will turn to dancing, singing, or other forms of entertainment after about 10 minutes unless being actively supervised or in combat.  

So what about closing the portal?  The answer lies with player ingenuity.  There is no answer given as part of this module.  The cube leaks magic which created the portal. Shutting the cube will stop it from growing but not reverse what was done.  I didn’t leave any solutions laying around in the module, because it is fun to see what players can come up with (or if they will have to leave the problem and return later, which could mean more creatures coming through the portal).    

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