Wherein I hang adventures I have written for your amusement and commentary

Random Adventure #1
A 4-5 level adventure for Dungeons and Dragons or your favorite fantasy world game.  An adventure created using random tables and generators, that explores a wizards tower after her sudden disappearance.

The Intimate Study of Johnathan Theebs
An adventure for any level.  What happens when a good wizard's bad apprentice inherits everything and throws drunken orgies- at least until some of the revelers mess with some magical items.  A NSFW adventure.

 Pitches coming one day

The Gnomes of Zurich
Something has gone wrong and the city fathers are paying good money for someone discreet who can stop the rash of murders that have been taking place.   For Dungeons and Dragons or your favorite fantasy world game.

Random Adventure #2
I had fun making the first one, so eventually I'll make a second

Pentagram of swords
Five magical weapons, each powerful in their own right combine to change the entire fate of the world.

Dungeons and Zombies
A sword and sorcery romp through the zombie apocalypse.

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