Thursday, September 8, 2016

There was no greater motivator to start writing than finding that my blog had a view and I hadn't written anything yet.

I guess this is where I lay out the plan of what I intend this blog to be.  This would be great if I had a real plan instead of just a general idea and the thought "hey, I'll start a blog!"

It seems more often then not, I end up as a gamemaster of whatever group I play with.  Perhaps this is a list for power, but more likely it is the fact that I want to play and it seems to be the way to get a game to happen.

I have a couple of projects in mind.  I want to do some world building and this is a place for me to put up my ideas as they come and hopefully condense them into a rational product.

It is a place where I can work on my writing.  Because if writing more does not make me better, at least it will make me prolific.

So most of this will likely focus on weird horror roleplay, some call of cthulhu which is my current obsession but a little cyberpunk and streampunk will probably show up as well as I dip into the other gaming genres on my shelf.

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